Olek Wojcik

Olek comes from a background of Parkour, coaching gymnastics, Acrobatics and Circus Arts.  Helping people live life to its full potential is his mission.

He is particularly interested in improvisation and using movement to tell a story, rather than showing acrobatic tricks only.  Olek’s teaching will help you become more confident in your body and discover ways of expression that challenge both the physical and mental. 

Laura Vald

Laura is passionate about exploring movement and bridging cultural boundaries. 

She has a background in Yoga, mindfulness, NLP, massage, dance and contact improvisation and began teaching five years ago.  One of Laura’s passions is mixing acrobatics with contact improvisation.  Laura enjoys helping people open new doors, express and evolve. 

As a woman in acrobatics she is particularly motivated to explore both roles;  Base and Flyer.  By developing each she is constantly trying to bring more gender equality to the sport.

Jacob Handwerker

Jacob has been sharing the joy of AcroYoga and Acrobatics since 2008.  His teaching will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and ready to come back for me.  Helping people experience things they never imagined possible and sharing this practice with beginners are two of Jacob's passions.   

Jacob is also the creator of this event and he hopes you have a wonderful experience.

Aaron Lind

Aaron’s mission is offer a balance of discipline and play in his teaching.  He strives to offer progressive, analytical, and method-based teaching with playful, fun, and lighthearted activities and themes.

Aaron has taught for 12 years and enjoys working with students at all levels.  Skills can become accessible, aesthetic, efficient, safer, and more fun when we train mindfully and consistently.


Sam D Alcantari

Sam, aka Sam on Hands, spends more time on his hands than on his feet!

With a background in gymnastics and circus, Sam grew up and trained in Palermo, Italy.  He now travels the world sharing his love of these practices with anyone who will join him.  Sam's teaching is always a balance between playfulness, fun and professionalism.   Come turn your world upside down with Sam!

Brian Mosbaugh (USA)

Brian Mosbaugh grew up on the west coast of the United States in the beautiful state of Oregon.  From a very young age he pursued a life of outdoor adventure.  

For the past 13 years Brian has been traveling the world as a full time rock climber, professional slackliner, alpinist BASE jumper, high angle rigger, linguist and adventure sport photographer.

His passion for finding graceful balance is at the core of his diverse practices. Authentic human connections and playful human interactions bring a big smile to his face.

Eric Blood (USA)
Miyoko Rifkin (USA)