The following teachers will be joining us this spring in Morocco:


Sam Salwei decided over a decade ago that the status quo simply was not for him. In 2004 he packed up what little material possessions he owned and began living on the road, traveling coast-to-coast in pursuit of a life that uniquely expressed his values for adventure and environmental responsibility.

He co-created “The YogaSlackers,” a company founded on bringing yoga poses to the slackline, and finding the yogic elements within other body-awareness practices, such as acrobatics and climbing.

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Raquel’s passion for life is second to none. Her teaching style is the perfect balance between playfulness and dedicated practice, and her energy will ignite in you the same craving for spontaneous adventure that set Raquel on her path.

Raquel will patiently and enthusiastically guide you to the edge of your perceived limits and beyond, creating an encouraging environment where learning and growing result through playful discovery.

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Det Rijven has a background in modern dance. She fell in love with
partner acrobatics in 1981 and got educated by famous Dutch circus

In the late eighties she founded her own Acrobatics School in
Amsterdam that has become very popular among people from 16 till
60+ that like to experience and play with counterbalance, physical
collaboration and mutual trust. She also teaches at the Academy of
Modern Dance since 1997.

Det is 63 now. She has more than 30 years of teaching experience and
is eager to continue for another decade.



During the last 10 years Det and one of her co-teachers Jim
Klinkhamer have widened their teaching grounds towards
international places for workshops and conventions. Together they also
developed and guided two international Partner Acrobatics Teacher
Trainings in Amsterdam.

Among their specialties are shoulderstands, handstands, lifts & downs, and
flows and transitions. Their technique is based on efficient use of
energy for optimal result. They have developed a training system with
a range of relevant pre-exercises and like to share their knowledge
and insight of essential details. By their way of observing and
analyzing they can contribute considerably to improve the technique
on all acrobatic levels.

Kerstin and Uwe have been working together for more than 4 years now. They both like standing acro as well as L-Basing and Icarian. Their focus recently shifted to performance and all the aspects of acro, that can be used on stage. Their classes can be very technical when necessary, but they also like playful exercises, that spark creativity and imagination.



Jacob has been sharing his passion for AcroYoga and Acrobatics since 2007.   His teaching will leave you feeling confident and safe, while exploring new ways of moving and flying.  Jacob enjoys working with students at all levels, and helping them experience things they never imagined possible. 

As an Ashtanga yoga teacher, Jacob also loves to bring a more yogic and mindful approach to acrobatics.